Bear Grylls Bitcoin – True or false?

Recently several rumors about celebrities talking about Bitcoin have appeared in the news and social media. A series of fake news forms launched on the internet and spread, bringing many doubts and even leaving some people without knowing if it is true or false. Among some TV shows, presenters, actors, and athletes, many decided to talk about these rumors and put an end to all the gossip around their names, Bear Grylls was one of them. But are the allegations made in your name true or false? Let’s find out now!

Who is Bear Grylls?

Bear Grylls is a famous English is a TV presenter, celebrity, and a former Military that was recently involved in some Bitcoin rumors that spread online because of social media. Also, these rumors were saying that he is a heavy investor in Bitcoin Trading. Bear Grylls was born in Londo, UK. Named Edward Michael Grylls he grew up in Northern Ireland. From a very young age, Bears Grylls was interested in nature and extreme sports became famous worldwide after leaving the military career and starting to present survival shows in the jungle such as Running Wild with Bear Grylls and The Island with Bear Grylls.

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Bear Grylls began to have contact with TV shortly after his feet of climbing Everest, making commercials for private brands and also for the British Ministry of Defense. Due to this exposure, he started to be invited to talk shows, entertainment programs, among others. Shortly afterward, he started his career as a television presenter for the Running Wild with Bear Grylls making himself worldly famous.

Bear Grylls Bitcoin Scam

bear grylls

As we already mentioned, rumors about the presenter’s involvement with investments in Bitcoin and even saying that he had recommended some automated trading platforms started to circulate across social networks around the world. Along with that, news that Bear Grylls was involved with Bitcoin scams also appeared in the news, leaving a lot of suspicious people in the spotlight. But do you know what Bitcoins are and how this trading works?

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoins is the name given to virtual currencies, also called cryptocurrencies, which was introduced to the international financial market in 2007. With the growth of the internet, many people started to trade this type of currency, buying at a low price and selling at a higher price to profit from this difference.


To be able to do this trading, you need to have an account on some auto trading platform, where they use automated software to make transactions on behalf of the user.

Automated Trading

Automated trading is the type of trading used by most cryptocurrency buying and selling platforms. This system has a robot that predicts the movement of Bitcoins and closes negotiations faster than the human. To access this type of trading, you must have an account on one of these existing platforms. There are many available and they are also part of the celebrity rumors, but which ones were mentioned?

Trading Platform

Trading platforms are companies that use this intelligent software to give the user the opportunity to trade Bitcoins and profit from the help of the trading robot.

Bitcoin Future

bitcoin future

Bitcoin Future also uses an automated system to conduct trades and also states that it is not related to the rumors and that Bear Grylls has no agreement with the company.

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Bitcoin Trader

bitcoin trader

Bitcoin Trader is an online trading platform that makes its trading robot available to the user. Even with rumors that some platforms would have been cited, Bitcoin Trader is not and has never been related to any celebrity.

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Grylls Bitcoin and other rumors involving celebrities and platforms

Bear Grylls Bitcoin This Morning show

The British daily entertainment show has also been rumored to be similar to that of Grylls. Two of its hosts have been linked to fake news about endorsing Bitcoin and some trading platforms.

bear grylls interview

Bitcoin Revolution This Morning show

bitcoin revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a well-known auto trading platform, and in the fake news that involved the presenters of The Morning show, the platform could have cited it. Bitcoin Revolution denies this news and says it is a private and independent company.

Richard Branson

The billionaire Richard Branson constantly gets his name involved in the rumors that people make to apply Bitcoin scams. several times he had to go public to deny the false news.

richard brandson

Conclusion: Social Media and Fake News

Even with all the benefits that social media has brought us, a heavier side is taking over the internet, the fake news. Unfortunately, people have been using the network to link celebrities, like Grylls, to Bitcoin investments, generating rumors around the world. Bear Grylls has already stated on his official website that such a comment never existed and that he never endorsed or stated that he invested in bitcoin or that he used any auto trading platform.


Every Bitcoin is a scam?

No, the market is real and people can make a lot of money from it. But, as we mentioned before, some people are using Bitcoin fame to make an illegal profit and scam those who are not well informed about the trading.

Can I trust the auto trading platforms?

All the platforms mentioned in this article are 100% legit and take very seriously the trading business. There many others available for you to choose so it is important to see the platform background and learn everything you can about them.